Trek collectors will get the opportunity to buy Nanoforce Star Trek army-men

Star Trek Museum. Image by Chad Porto
Star Trek Museum. Image by Chad Porto /

Star Trek is combinging forces with Nanoforce to bring you space-age-army-men.

Most Star Trek fans have gone beyond just watching the show, most have become collectors of the franchise in some way shape or form. Even this writer right here has a small collection of Trek memrobilia! That’s why whenever a new piece gets added to the collective zeitgeist, we feel the need to share it with you, the fans. This latest offering is from Nanoforce and it brings the old-school charm of those old plastic army-men toys and combines them Star Trek.

There are two sets in the works, one with the original series cast and characters, another that will feature The Next Generation crew. The original series crew will be color coordinated based off of their positions. Captain Kirk and Sulu are gold, Spock and Bones are blue, and Uhura, and Scotty are red. Currently, Chekov is not part of the first wave.

The first wave does include a Romulan, Klingon, Andorian, Salt Vampire, Gorn and Talosian.

The Next Generation will feature Captain Picard and Riker in red, Data, Geordi, and Worf in Yellow, and Crusher and Troi in blue. They’ll be joined by a Romulan, a Cardassian, a Klingon, a Borg and Q himself. Or themselves. Or itself?

Q, it comes with Q.

The sets debut in November.

A must have for all Star Trek fans.

These figures are going to end up being a must have for all Star Trek fan collectors. Already online stores are selling out of the ship-sets that are being released for the series and creator Fourth Castle said on Facebook that plans are in the work for more if these sell well.

The pieces are incredibly detailed and are a the perfect gift for the Christmas season for any Trek fan in your life.

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