William Shatner is open to appearing in Star Trek movie

"Star Trek" franchise icon William Shatner, pictured in 2016.William Shatner
"Star Trek" franchise icon William Shatner, pictured in 2016.William Shatner /

William Shatner would return to Star Trek

Though Captain James T. Kirk was killed in Star Trek: Generations, William Shatner is not opposed to bringing the character back to life in the newest movie which is set to release in 2023. Of course, the 90-year-old does have a condition for his appearance, which only make sense. After all, what’s the point of bringing Captain Kirk back in a small part that doesn’t do anything for the plot of the movie? Using Shatner to draw in the viewers when his character doesn’t contribute to the movie isn’t going to happen.

As for his condition? It’s quite simple as Shatner told Express.co.uk. The part has to be “something worthy.”

"“If they could come up with a way of putting a character I played in a movie where it functioned as a point in the movie [and] made the movie move along, I’d be delighted.”"

William Shatner returning as Captain Kirk is a chance to correct a wrong

Though fans would love to see Shatner’s iconic character onscreen again, he’s not up for cameos, and, as busy as he is these days, no one came blame him. Besides that, if a Star Trek movie were to bring back Captain Kirk, it would need a believable way to resurrect him (although Shatner has already provided that), and if such a reason is being written, then it should be for more than just a shock and awe moment for fans.

Just seeing Captain Kirk again isn’t enough. Fans want Kirk brought back to life because he shouldn’t have died in the first place. Captain Kirk’s legacy should be about so much more than escaping a Nexus and helping Captain Picard to prevent Soran from killing millions of people to find “pure joy.” In his lifetime, Kirk had already saved millions of people without dying as have other Starfleet captains. With Shatner willing to put on the uniform again, this is a chance for his death to be jettisoned, and for his restoration to mean something in the future.

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