Star Trek Watch: Borg Assimilation by Certifiably Ingame

Star Trek: The Borg and Delta Quadrant. Image courtesy Hero Collector.
Star Trek: The Borg and Delta Quadrant. Image courtesy Hero Collector. /

Certifiably Ingame covers how a Borg assimilates things.

The Borg is one of the best alien races ever created in the Star Trek universe. They aren’t just hard to defeat in combat, but they exist to simply absorb, or assimilates, everything around them. Cybernetic life combined with a hive mind is a scary thing, especially in the advanced Star Trek future where it feels like they’re always searching for something new to make them better.

Evolution from assimilation is their goal. They’re a cross between zombies and locusts. Zombies in the sense that they’re unrelenting and hunt humans down. Locusts because they leave nothing of value after they’re come and gone. They are the greatest threat Starfleet has ever seen and they’ve shown to be so scary that they’ve taken the best of Starfleet to incorporate into their own.

So it’s absolutely wonderful that Certifiably Ingame covered them in his most recent video.

The Borg assimilation process is so much worse than you realized

One of the best things about the video is how it details and emphasizes just how awful it is to be assimilated into the Borg hive mind. When you realize the amount of pain a person has to go through to have their DNA changed, and infused with metallic components that sprout all over you, you have a new appreciation for not being a member of the Borg.

As the video states, Borg drones aren’t unaware this is happening either, they feel it. They know what’s happening, even after the hive-mind has taken them over. The fear of the Borg was usually just the relentless-Michae Myers-like the way they stalked you.

When you factor in the brutality that one’s body would have to go through once caught, however, maybe death is better. After all, that’s what Jean-Luc Picard stated in Star Trek: First Contact.

He probably wasn’t wrong.

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