Star Trek: Picard trailer hints at connection to DS9

Could Star Trek: Picard be connected to Deep Space Nine

Season two of Star Trek: Picard will debut next year, and so far, we haven’t gotten much information about what to expect from the Patrick Stewart led series except for a teaser and a slightly longer trailer. And both have Generation Films wondering if there is a connection between Picard and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

The questioning starts with the shot of the Bajoran reckoning tablet which was originally seen in DS9. The inscription reads “Welcome, Emissary,” which refers to Captain Benjamin Sisko who ended up remaining with the Prophets at the end of the series. With this type of reference, Generation Films is asking will Captain Sisko be making an appearance on Picard. If this is the case, it has certainly been one of the best kept secrets in Star Trek history as there has been no mention anywhere of Avery Brooks returning to the franchise or his former role.

Star Trek: Picard trailer shares three references to DS9 in its trailer/teaser

Continuing on in the trailer, we see an image of Paradise Lost, a book written by John Milton. How could this be connected to Deep Space Nine? The title of the book is also the title for an episode of the DS9 where Captain Sisko has to return to Earth along with Odo as there is supposedly a threat of invasion by the Dominion. What he finds instead is a planned coup d’état by a Starfleet admiral.

Later on in the trailer, Picard is seen back at Starfleet Command in an admiral’s uniform. Alongside him are the flags of the Bajoran and the Ferengi, indicating both have joined the Federation. Of course, we already know there is going to be a timeline issue with Picard so it’s possible that the flags and the Bajoran tablet are nothing more than proof of a damaged timeline.

Or all of these references to DS9 could simply be Easter eggs that serve no other purpose than a nod to a former Star Trek series. Either way, Generation Films presents some interesting thoughts on the subject, making me even more anxious to see the second season of Star Trek: Picard.