WandaVision’s Matt Shakman will direct new Star Trek film

Star Trek will see Matt Shakman direct its next film.

Star Trek is getting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe business by bringing on yet another MCU alum to help make the next film in the Star Trek canon. Geneva Robertson-Dworet will co-write the film with Lindsey Beer, with Robertson-Dworet having co-written Marvel’s Captain Marvel film. Now, Trek is bringing in Matt Shakman, who directed every episode of the Disney+ series, WandaVision.

The film is still on course for a 2023 release.

The film franchise has been dormant since 2016’s Beyond, which came four years after Into Darkness, and seven years after the first film in the Kelvin Timeline; 2009’s Star Trek.

It’s clear that Star Trek is trying to get some of that sweet-sweet MCU magic on their property and with Alex Kurtzman himself saying that television and film properties that share a commonality can no longer be independent, the folks at Paramount and parent company ViacomCBS may be trying to lean into their own shared universe across film and streaming.

Star Trek was one of the first shared universes in entertainment

While Marvel gets a lot of credit for the recent explosion of never-ending shared universes, Star Trek has been doing that since the 1980s. Sure, after the Universal Monsters started doing it first, but still 30 years before the MCU was even more than a glint in the eyes of the Disney overlords.

With Alex Kurtzman basically overseeing the streaming arm of Trek, it’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out. Will the film heralds a new era for Trek, or will there be a continuation of the Kelvin timeline?

Most fans are just hoping that it’s not another reboot, but if it’s not a reboot, many are lost and unsure what the new film could be.