Watch Star Trek: TrekCulture’s 10 Talking Points From The Prodigy Teaser Trailer

Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios
Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios /

The crew from TrekCulture breaks down Star Trek: Prodigy trailer.

Star Trek: Prodigy may have been batted around from channel to service before it even aired, but that didn’t stop fans from getting excited over the new series, set for a debut on Paramount+ sometime later in 2021. Originally set for a debut on Nickelodeon, the show was moved to Paramount+ but is expected to still air on the cable network for kids. The show is getting some strong support thanks to its teaser trailer which shows some impressive and vibrant animations.

Cue TrekCulture, who decided they’d break down the 10 biggest talking points from the teaser trailer.

The video breaks down the details of the show and highlights the characters and actors that will be appearing in the new series. They do a solid job of picking up on minor details, flushing out some plot points that weren’t highlighted at all in the original teaser, and setting up fans’ expectations for what to expect.

Star Trek: Prodigy is poised to be a focal point for the franchise

The series is already trending so well internally, that Playmates agreed to start making Star Trek action figures again for the first time in 15-odd years in part due to Prodigy’s potential reach. It’s a very exciting time for the show. While it might be terrible, or amazing, the fact remains that people are getting excited about it.

Getting a major toy line to back your franchise is a big thing. Making shows for kids is a sign that you have a massive financial windfall forthcoming and there was a time that every property ever, including Predator, RoboCop, and other adult franchises produced cartoon or kid properties. All alongside a massive line of action figures.

Star Trek used to have that kind of representation all the time, which ended around Star Trek 2009, partly due to the change in the age of the audience. Star Trek fans were older and less interested in tie-in properties like action figures. Video games were still being produced but this was near the end of the franchise, cas-grab, era of games, where people would buy anything with a name brand on the box. So the games didn’t sell well.

By the time Star Trek: Beyond and Discovery’s first season aired, most of the major pieces of merchandising had disappeared. There were still retro lines of things made, but nothing or the new properties.

Until now.

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