The Klingon Empire recognizes the nation of Wales

The Klingon Empire officially recognizes the nation of Wales as a country.

Sometimes you’re left wondering “what the…?” and this is one of those times. Yes, the headline is accurate, the Klingon Empire of Star Trek fame has officially recognized the nation of Wales, of the United Kingdom, after four years of pleading their case. With the other countries of the UK and Ireland all having official Klingon names, one Welsh resident, Alex Greene decided it was his countries turn to be officially recognized in the official Klingon language.

In an article from (via dailystartreknews), it’s revealed that the Klingon Language Institute were the ones to officially make the call to add the word into the Klingon lexicon. The word for Wales in Klingon is “we’llS”. Which is just ‘swell’.

The recognition comes from the Klingon Language Institute, a non-profit organization that has served to promote the Klingon language and culture since 1992. Welsh fan Alex Greene said he has been lobbying for years to have the KLI designate an official Klingon word for “Wales,” making Monday’s announcement a dream come true for the IT professional.

“They’d done all the other nations of the UK,” Greene said, “and Ireland was ‘Eyre’ in 2017, and it looked as if nobody else was going to finish the tea set, so I pushed for Wales to be recognized. And they finally confirmed it.” Greene, who is fluent in the language, went on to claim official status as Klingon Ambassador to Wales , or “we’lIS” (pronounced WEH-leesh) as it is now known.

Klingon Language Institute is another reason that makes Star Trek so magical

There are few pieces of fiction that have such a dedicated and devote fan base as Star Trek. Sure, there are bigger and more popular pieces of fiction but you never hear about how people are learning “Wookie” at colleges. Yet you actually have people who have studied Klingon at universities. You can actually go to the University of Texas at Austin (The Longhorns) and study Klingon.

It’s a wonderful and incredible thing to have such a supported property by fans, who are continuously making headlines for the whacky and wonderful things that they are constantly doing.

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