Designing Starships: Deep Space 9 and Beyond

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 And Beyond. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 And Beyond. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

Another installment in the Designing Starships series

Ben Robinson is well-known for his contribution to the Star Trek community as an expert. Not only is he behind Eaglemoss’ Official Star Trek Starships collection, but he was the launch editor of the Star Trek Fact Files reference work which has, to date, sold over fifty million units. He’s also written five books on Star Trek design, and he’s the editor behind the next installment—STAR TREK – DESIGNING STARSHIPS: DEEP SPACE 9 AND BEYOND.

The stunning hardcover book is filled with 200 pages of information, original production art, and in-depth interviews with the award-winning concept artists who created the ships for the shows we all know and love like The Original Series, The Next Generation, and Enterprise.

But there’s more to this book than just a look at how the ships were created.  It takes you behind the scenes with glimpses of concepts that were considered for the creation of the starships but not used.  So you’ll get a look at what a ship could have looked like had the production and creation team chosen to go in a different direction.

You’ll learn how each ship on Deep Space Nine was created and used, and you’ll be given an up close and personal look, or what Ben Robinson calls “fascinating glimpses” at the creation of alien ships belong to the Klingon, the Romulans, and the Vulcans.

Designing Starships
Here is the full description for Designing Starships: Deep Space Nine /

"ABOUT STAR TREK DESIGNING STARSHIPS: DEEP SPACE NINE AND BEYONDThe inventive concept art behind Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s titular space station, U.S.S. Defiant and dozens more ships comes to life on the page!Deep Space Nine is considered by many Star Trek fans to be the best of all the Trek shows in the franchise’s illustrious 55-year history, and Star Trek Designing Starships puts the spotlight on the show’s space-faring vessels.The fifth entry in Hero Collector’s ongoing series of Star Trek Designing Starships, Deep Space Nine and Beyond delivers original production art and extensive interviews with the award-wining artists who created the ships and helped bring them to the screen over the course of the show’s seven-year run (1993-1999) and its 176 episodes."

With a cover price of $34.95 in the U.S. and $44.95 in Canada, STAR TREK – DESIGNING STARSHIPS: DEEP SPACE 9 AND BEYOND will release on August 24th, but the hardcover is available now for pre-order at

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