Star Trek to launch a new magazine called Star Trek Explorer

Star Trek Explorer - The Official Magazine - Newstand Cover. Image courtesy Titan Comics
Star Trek Explorer - The Official Magazine - Newstand Cover. Image courtesy Titan Comics /

Star Trek is bringing fans a new magazine in 2021.

The Star Trek brand is launching a brand new magazine under the new name of Star Trek Explorer.  The magazine will be the second book published alongside Star Trek Magazine from Titan Publishing. Issue #80 of the magazine is due out on Sep. 1, 2021. So it looks like both magazines will be produced side by side.

There are rumors that Star Trek #80 in the US (#208 in the UK) is the final issue in that line of issues but I couldn’t find any official news on it. The new Explorer magazine is going to include similar things to the original Magazine, including interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage, new fictional content, and other fan-related stuff.

The magazine’s first issue has an order cut-off date of Oct. 11, 2021, and features Michael Burnham from Discovery, Captain Pike from Strange New Worlds, and James Kirk of the Original Series across the cover of the magazine, with Burnham being front and center.

The magazine’s description reads

"STAR TREK EXPLORER THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE LAUNCHES A NEW ERA OF BELOVED SHOW! Featuring exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Trek series as well as behind-the-scenes content you won’t find anywhere else! This new magazine will also feature Trek exclusive fiction! Plus much more!More from BooksReview: The Autobiography of Benjamin SiskoPatrick Stewart calls major injustice for Brent Spiner’s lack of EmmyNew Star Trek novel brings back Dr. Gillian TaylorStar Trek II book makes long-awaited debut in time for Star Trek DayMust Buy! Star Trek The Art of Neville Page"

Titan Publishing is still committed to magazines

Titan Publishing had a lot of success with the Magazine, publishing it (at least) #208 issues. The magazine featured articles about Trek Online short stories, clips from Trek novels, and other fan-related content.

The first issue of Explorer is coming out with two covers, one featuring Burnham, and the other featuring art from Tim Anderson’s TOS illustrations.

Titan Publishing still also produces magazines that focus on Star Wars, The Simpsons, and Marvel Comics, publishing about two issues a month between one of the four publications offered regularly.

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