There has never been a better time for another Star Trek: The Experience

1998 Las Vegas, NV. Star Trek The Experience. The entrance. Las Vegas Hilton. Paramount Parks/Las Vegas Hilton
1998 Las Vegas, NV. Star Trek The Experience. The entrance. Las Vegas Hilton. Paramount Parks/Las Vegas Hilton /

Now’s the best time to bring back the Star Trek: The Experience.

It’s 2021, there are soon to be five Star Trek shows airing at the same time. Merchandise is returning to the shelves (metaphorically). You can now watch Star Trek properties for free on a number of different outlets like Tubi and Pluto TV, while channels like Comet and Heroes and Icons air Star Trek on broadcast TV.

That’s not all, as there are rumors that Paramount is about to launch two new Star Trek films for fans to see in the theater. There’s so much Star Trek out there for fans to enjoy, that it’d be foolish to not capitalize on Trek when it’s the most popular it’s been since the mid-2000s.

Now is the best time to return to a simpler time. A time that brought us Star Trek: The Experience, a Las Vegas attraction that fans from all around the world flocked to.

Star Trek deserves a place for fans to go and visit.

There are a bunch of fanmade attractions for people to go to, like the Star Trek Museum and James Kirk monument in Riverside IA, the Kathryn Janeway statue in Bloomington, IA, and the original series set tour in Ticonderoga, NY.

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None of those places, however, are in known tourist cities, and most aren’t officially endorsed by the folks who run Trek.

Fans of Star Trek had a location, in Las Vegas, NV of all places. Launching in 1998, Star Trek: The Experience opened and featured all sorts of interactive activities, rides, and opportunities to spend money on merchandise.

The original had Quark’s Bar, the Deep Space Nine Promenade, and a History of Star Trek Museum. The entire attraction closed in 2008 due to declining attendance, and just before the relaunch of the Film Franchise under the leadership of J.J. Abrams.

To close out the attraction, Suzie Plakson (multiple roles), Chase Masterson (Leeta in DS9), and Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) were on hand to close out a unique era for the franchise.

With so much Trek going on right now, it’s either now or never to relaunch such an idea. Las Vegas, Orlando (at Universal Studios), or even at Cedar Point in Ohio would all make for great locations for North America.

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