4 actors ideal for a young James T. Kirk on Strange New Worlds

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We could see James T. Kirk on Strange New Worlds

While a premiere date has yet to be released for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, there is already much speculation as to which of the previous characters from The Original Series could pop up on the series which is a prequel to TOS. TechRadar sees Dr. McCoy and Scotty as candidates, and while it would make sense to see those two, hopefully, the series will cast a younger pre-captain James T. Kirk as well as it wouldn’t seem right introducing characters from TOS and leaving out Kirk.

It just makes sense that Kirk would show up on the series, especially if the crew of the Enterprise spends any time at Starfleet headquarters or in touch with other ships like U.S.S. Republic where Kirk served as an ensign or U.S.S. Farragut where he was a lieutenant serving under Captain Garrovick.

Since Kirk took command of the Enterprise at the age of thirty-two, he would only be twenty-two when Strange New Worlds premieres which means the series would need to choose from younger actors to play the part, actors who have proven that they have the ability to channel the brash arrogance, command presence, and determination that William Shatner infused into the character. Or, at the very least, those who have the promise of becoming the next commanding officer of the Enterprise ten years down the road.

So, in case Strange New Worlds does decide to introduce James T. Kirk, here are four young actors that could potentially play the eventual captain while still in his twenties.

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