“All Star Trek” warps into retro-style Trek tees

Star Trek Timelines. Image courtesy Tilting Point
Star Trek Timelines. Image courtesy Tilting Point /

The H&I All Star Trek store sells faux-vintage future fashion.

If pre-2005 Star Trek recrystallizes your dilithium, you should be watching H&I All Star Trek. Since July 2016, Heroes & Icons Network has been on its own five-year (hopefully longer) mission: to boldly air the franchise’s five classic, live-action series—from The Original Series through Star Trek: Enterprise—in original broadcast order, back-to-back, six nights a week (Sunday through Friday, 8:00 pm-1:00 am Eastern).

I’ve been tuning into All Star Trek for several years now, and tweeting along with fellow fans using #AllStarTrek. It feels almost like going to a con without leaving home.

Now, H&I is giving All Star Trek viewers—and all Star Trek fans, whether or not they’re tuning in—a way to keep the fun going all the time. The network has launched its own All Star Trek store. It’s as full of fantastic, retro-style Star Trek t-shirts as the Space Station K-7 storage compartments were of tribbles!

Let’s fan out and explore the H&I All Star Trek store…

Do you want to wear the bold primary colors Kirk and crew wore to help sell more color TV sets in the late ‘60s? H&I has tees in the classic gold and red hues, adorned with large, 8-bit style Starfleet deltas for good measure.

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to go trick-or-treating this Halloween as your favorite Star Trek alien? Go for that TOS end credits look with the beautiful Balok shirt. Make the hew-mons swoon in your faux 1970s-style Quark “Ladies’ Man” shirt.

Can’t decide? Dress up as several aliens at once with a top paying tribute to nine TOS strange new life forms. (They look like a cosmic Hollywood Squares cast, with Balok as Paul Lynde in the center. Oh, imagine TOS in the quantum reality where that voice casting happened!)

If you’re the studious type and want some futuristic fashion as you head back to campus this fall, check out H&I’s Starfleet Academy designs. Or sign up for more dangerous duty as a Starfleet M.A.C.O. aboard the NX-01.

Even though H&I doesn’t include Star Trek: The Animated Series in its All Star Trek line up (yet…?), its store features several shirts featuring the Filmation series’ inimitable look. And it also boasts shirts sporting poster art and more from the original crew’s movies, including not one but two shirts dedicated to William Shatner’s indelible “KHAAAAN!” scream.

Whether you want to pay tribute to your favorite classic Star Trek character or cosplay the 23rd and 24th centuries in a way that’s easy on your quatloos, the H&I All Star Trek store is worth a look.

(This blog is not an affiliate post, by the way—though, in the spirit of Quark, if H&I said they wanted to send a few slips of gold-pressed latinum my way, I’d be all ears!)

Go shop the H&I All Star Trek store—and join the Trek-watching, live-tweeting fun on H&I six nights a week!

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