Star Trek: Enterprise deserves a revival depicting the events of the Romulan War

Scott Bakula, aka Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise with Voyager's Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
Scott Bakula, aka Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise with Voyager's Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) /

Star Trek: Enterprise deserves a revival set around the Earth vs. Romulan War.

Star Trek: Enterprise is not the terrible show many have made it out to be. Most of the reason fans have an issue with the series really boils down to it being a prequel. Prequels are never as respected or celebrated as the originals. It’s a universal trend. Can you name one prequel that was better or even as good as the original? I can’t.

The story of Enterprise needs to be finished, and that finish should involve the Earth and Romulan war.

The Romulan War with Earth and the burgeoning Federation is one of the focal points of the Star Trek universe and one that hasn’t been fully explored. It was the catalyst to the unification of the Federation and considering how important the Federation is to Star Trek canon, exploring the reason for it being created seems like a no-brainer.

Enterprise and the war with Romulan would work in a variety of formats

Enterprise deserves to tell this story. The cast and crew should all return (yes, even Trip). Now, the question can be asked, “how”? As in how would you bring back Enterprise to tell this story. There are a lot of formats and ideas that could work.

A television series would work, considering networks desire to have more shows on air, this is a possibility. Albeit an unlikely one.

You could also do several theatrical releases, but there are other ideas in store for Star Trek films.

Then there’s the idea of doing original movies for Paramount’s channel, which was the original idea for the brand; have original movies like Hallmark.

The proper way to do it, however, would probably be as either several movies on Paramount+ or as a mini-series of two three-hour-long episodes apiece. The cast is still around and still working, and while some may need to be de-aged with makeup or special effects to keep them looking close to how they did 15 years ago, it’s very doable.

Six, two-hour-long episodes of the Romulan War would be sufficient. As the war was four years long, the idea would be to tell the most pivotal moments of said events in four or five of those episodes, leaving the last one or two to focus on the creation of the Federation.

It will probably never happen, but it really should.

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