3 adult children of Star Trek could create an amazing series

Why the children of Star Trek should get a series

Star Trek brought several children into the universe, but, for the most part, we didn’t get to see them as adults unless it was an accident like in Molly O’Brien’s case where she was aged or an alternate timeline for Miral Paris. These were children born to Starfleet personnel, and for some of them, their parentage alone would be a good reason to bring them onto a new Star Trek series. But, beyond that, they all would have something unique to bring to a spin-off and they could create a very different series which opens the door to more species.

And, technically, they aren’t so mired in the timeline that Paramount would be using them as a ploy to gain viewers. Let’s take a look at some of them to see how they could work together on one series.

Naomi Wilder—Captain

Naomi was the inquisitive, charming daughter of Ensign Samantha Wildman, who was a human,  and Greskrendtregk, who was a Ktarian, which is a fascinating species we haven’t learned nearly enough about. And to have one in a command position aboard a starship would be unique, and even though Naomi came across as a very easygoing child, she had plenty of time to spend with her father once she and her mother departed Voyager so that would have shaped her personality as well.

Naomi learned a lot from her friendships with Seven of Nine and Neelix, and those memories would serve her well as a captain. While she might not be as tough as Captain Janeway, she could certainly hold her own after the childhood she had. And the knowledge she gained from living aboard a starship puts her ahead of the game.

Miral Paris—Second in Command

The human/Klingon hybrid daughter of Lt. Tom Paris and Lt. B’Ellana Torres, Miral was born aboard Voyager during the final episode. We got the chance to see how much Miral would be like her mother in an alternate timeline, and in the follow-up novels, Miral did join Starfleet and was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Miral would be a demanding commanding officer but would, most likely, also have a lot of her father’s need for play. She would be a fighter, one who didn’t back down, and a second in command who would have her captain’s back.

Molly O’Brien—Chief of Engineering

With a combination of her mother, Keiko’s, calm demeanor and book smarts and her father, Miles O’Brien’s, engineering ability, Molly would be a force to be reckoned with in Starfleet. She’d already seen a lot in her young life aboard the Enterprise and then while living on Deep Space Nine. She often left the space station when it was in danger or when Keiko was working which gave her a view of the outside world. And although we didn’t see her interact with too many people at the station, she was exposed to many different species so she would be comfortable aboard any starship with a diverse crew.

Having all three of these women aboard one starship would be a much different series than any other one in Star Trek. With both the captain and the second in command both human hybrids, this could be a ship sprinkled with more diversity, more species finding their way to Starfleet, and perhaps even paving the way for a new kind of starship, one dedicated to integrating new alien members of Starfleet.