How Star Trek A Celebration celebrates Star Trek: The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series -- A Celebration. Image courtesy Eaglemoss Hero Collector
Star Trek: The Original Series -- A Celebration. Image courtesy Eaglemoss Hero Collector /

Star Trek A Celebration is a fan’s dream come true

Hero Collector, the publishing division of Eaglemoss, just released a must-have collectible for all fans of Star Trek: The Original Series. The hardcover book, Star Trek A Celebration, comes on the heels of the 55th anniversary of the franchise and has more behind-the-scenes information and interviews than has ever been found before.

Star Trek experts, Ben Robinson and Ian Spelling, have pulled out all the stops with this book. With 255 pages of never-before seen images, details about the characters and how they came to be, and information on the production design, effects, costumes, music, and more, it will enable a fan to get lost in the Trek world for a few hours.

Star Trek A Celebration is truly a celebration of the series

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about The Original Series, a book like this comes along and proves that you don’t. I know it did for me. For example:

  • In the original story for The Devil in the Dark, there wasn’t a mind-meld; the universal translator was going to be used.
  • Walter Koenig had his own system for pushing the buttons (which didn’t actually push in) at the helm. When he was feeling jealous, he pushed the green button. Purple worked for when he was in a rage.
  • In the original script for This Side of Paradise, the entire crew took LSD.
  • Gene Roddenberry had at least three “don’ts” when the Enterprise was being designed—no flames, no fins, and no rockets.

Along with interesting tidbits like these, Star Trek A Celebration features the actors that were in the original pilot “The Cage.” It highlights the directors, Ricardo Montalban, and Joan Collins, to name a few while going into great detail about how the Enterprise was designed inside and out.

These are so many things to learn that I couldn’t absorb it all in one sitting. I’m still reading and still learning. I’ve even gone back over a few of the sections to glean every bit of information I can.

A book like this will help every Trekkie become more informed about the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. You’ll certainly already know some of these details, but others will only add to your love of the series.

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