Rating the new Star Trek theme songs from worst to best

Ranking the newer Star Trek theme songs from worst to best.

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my pieces that are rating the theme songs of the Star Trek series, both new and old. Perhaps you are reading this because you already read my first piece, ranking the theme songs of the first 5 series, and want to see what I do with the 3 new series.

Perhaps you are because you are a newcomer to the world of Trek, and have only watched the newer material so far, or perhaps you are here because you believe my first list was vastly irreparable and are hoping I do a better job with this one.

For whatever reason you have clicked on this piece, thank you for doing so, and please join me as I rank the 3 new theme songs that have been added to the musical canon of Star Trek.

The 3 themes will be rated from #3 (being the “worst” if there is a worst, of the new themes) to #1 (the best overall theme of the new series)

I mentioned this in my first piece, but it bears repeating (or saying for the first time if you haven’t read that piece) that I am completely blind, so my judgments are made purely off the music itself, therefore the images on the screen during the title sequences have no bearing on my decisions, that being said, let’s get started.

#3: Star Trek Lower Decks

While a solid entry in the Trek musical catalog, I don’t feel that the theme of Lower Decks has too much about it that truly defines it as a theme song in the beloved Star Trek franchise. There are few musical cords that would be immediately recognizable as Trek, or that stick with you long after the final notes of the song have faded.

Those light criticisms being stated, it acts as a perfect opening and promissory note to the show to come, which is to say it is light-hearted, action-packed, fun and funny, and light on drama and heavy on jokes.

It is a happy upbeat theme for Star Trek’s first foray into “adult animation” and fits the mood of the show perfectly.

#2: Star Trek Picard

From the opening cords of the violin, this orchestral arrangement is unlike any other theme song in the franchise, in a way, it actually sounds like the very music that the titular character of the series might listen to himself.

Not only does the theme completely capture you as the viewer, and sets the tone for the much more emotionally driven Trek series to follow, but it is in of itself just a beautiful piece of instrumental music.

While the theme of Picard sounds less like the theme for a Star Trek show and more like a piece of classical music (which considering Picard’s love for that type of music, might have been the intention) at the very end of the song is the very recognizable notes of The Next Generation theme song, as a quiet comforting nod to its origins, while at the same time letting fans know that even though much time has passed, they can still count on Jean-Luc Picard.

#1: Star Trek Discovery

At the time that this theme song was first heard, there had not been a new Star Trek series on television for roughly twelve years, so the hopes for Discovery were high and the theme song delivers. It starts out with the opening notes that any Trekkie worth his com badge will recognize at once, but changed up ever so slightly, showing that this shall be no remake or rehash, but a completely new adventure. After that, what follows can only be described as theatrical in its delivery and build-up, ushering in a new era of Star Trek.

Finally, the song’s final notes are a love letter to the 5 series that came before it and their fans, as well as welcoming a new legion of fans to Star Trek.

These are just the opinions of a humble Trekky, and one who admittedly is still making his way through the new series as well, but I welcome your opinions on what the best theme song is for the new series.