The worlds of Star Trek, sports and even Nickelback congratulate William Shatner

William Shatner returned to Earth with a ton of congratulations waiting for him.

William Shatner has officially broken the record for the oldest man in space and the world of Twitter may give him a second world record today; the most congratulated man on Earth. While that’s more hyperbole than anything actually bout to happen, Shatner did receive a fair amount of congratulations after returning to Earth.

Everyone was in full force, from representatives of Star Trek, the sports world, music, and even real scientists got in on the congratulations. It should be noted that Shatner didn’t go up alone but he is arguably the most popular and famous person to go up into space, maybe ever.

So let’s look at some of the people who sent congratulations to Shatner on the biggest day of probably his whole life.

Legends of Star Trek and sports alike congratulated Shatner

Brent Spiner, a Star Trek alum from the Next Generation of shows was among the many to congratulate Shatner. Spiner played Data for nearly 20 years.

Anson Mount, the current captain of the Enterprise, and the predecessor to Shatner’s James Kirk also thanked him. Mount is playing Christopher Pike, the original captain of the Enterprise.

Ming-Na Wen from the Mandalorian and Eureka also chimed in, giving her thoughts on such a major moment.

Chris Doohan, son of Star Trek veteran James Doohan; who played Scottie in the original series, also congratulated Shatner.

As did Star Trek: Voyager actor, Robert Picardo, who played The Doctor.

Even the folks from Star Trek Online got in on the excitement, tweeting a warm welcome to the original Captain Kirk.

Psych’s Timothy Omundson also chimed in, having worked with Shatner a few times on the USA Network original.

As a Hall of Famer of the WWE, he not only became the oldest man to ever go into space but the first-ever WWE Hall of Famer to go to space as well.

The sports world wasn’t quiet during this moment, as Cleveland Browns legend Bernie Kosar got in on the action.

As did NBA legend, Bill Russell.


The folks from Bill and Ted 3 also wanted to remind every on this most excellent of days that Shatner is the only person to receive a special credit in the franchise’s second film.

Other personalities chimed in as well, with Tom Bergeron of America’s Funniest Home Videos and Dancing with the Stars congratulation the captain.

Real-life astronaut and viral media sensation Chris Hadfield also shared his excitement.

As did Mayim Bialik of the Big Bang Theory.

Lastly, a world-famous professor, Brian Cox, also heaped some praise on Shatner.

And yes, even the Canadian rock band Nickelback sent something Shatner’s way.

All in all, it seems people were in agreement that this was not only a wonderful day but a huge day for Shanter.

Congrats indeed.