Star Trek’s Anson Mount talks being Batman in “Injustice”

UNSPECIFIED - APRIL 06: In this screengrab, Anson Mount speaks during the 19th Annual VES Awards Gala on April 06, 2021. (Photo by VES 2021 via Getty Images)
UNSPECIFIED - APRIL 06: In this screengrab, Anson Mount speaks during the 19th Annual VES Awards Gala on April 06, 2021. (Photo by VES 2021 via Getty Images) /

Star Trek’s Anson Mount is also Batman now with the new “Injustice” film.

Anson Mount is going to be having a fun 2021. The taping of Strange New Worlds is done, and the newest Star Trek series seems like the start of Paramount+’s and ViacomCBS’s very own “Phase 2” for the brand. It’s setting itself up as a “return” to the Star Trek of old. If it is or isn’t is anyone’s guess.

Mount, to his credit, is having a huge year. Not only is he the star of a hotly anticipated show but he’s also now the voice of Batman in the recently released “Inujusitce” animated film. The premise is based on the game from 2013, Injustice: Gods Among Us, where in an alternate reality, The Joker kills Lois Lane, setting Superman down the path of an evil ruler.

It’s a solid fighting game but with an even better story. A story so good it turned out a well-received line of comics, as well as a sequel game and comic line as well. Mount will now play the Batman of that universe and SyFy Wire caught up with Mount to talk about his turn as the Caped Crusader.

Tackling the challenge of Batman, Mount talked about how he got into the mindset of voicing Batman.

"SyFy Wire: The cadence of Batman is somewhat unique. And a lot of different, very talented actors have tackled this role. How was it for you to handle the role? Because voicing Batman has to be a bit more challenging than other characters because…you know, it’s Batman.I don’t know, man. I think I, I imagined the weight of that uniform, or I guess I should say disguise, and I did a couple of vocal tricks to help me get to the register I wanted, and then I showed Wes (voice director Wes Gleason) what I was doing and he liked it and we just recorded it."

Doing voice acting isn’t always easy so Mount was very keen about reprising the role if given a chance.

"SyFy Wire: How was this experience? Is voicing Batman something that you want to do again?Oh, absolutely. Yeah. It was a fun process and obviously the material’s great. I mean, I grew up on this stuff, so yeah. As I did with Star Trek, I…I don’t know what I did to have the universe shine upon me like it has. But I’m definitely grateful for the opportunities."

Anson Mount as Batman is something we should all be happy about.

Being able to voice Batman is a huge deal. More so the fact that so many great actors have done the job and will do it eventually. Obviously, when talking about Batman it isn’t just limited to voice acting, as some of the best and biggest names have portrayed him in person. Guys like Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and of course Adam West have all done the tights at some point. Yet, the voice cast is as beloved and in one case, maybe even more so.

Guys like Kevin Conroy are viewed by man as the definitive voice of Batman, and somehow, almost in an uncanny way, Mount’s version of Batman is nearly identical to Conroy’s. That will certainly earn him some street cred among the DC Comics fanbase.

To check out Mount’s performance yourself, the film is already out on digital platforms now and will release on DVD on Oct. 19.

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