Space’s Top 10 Star Trek: Voyager episode list is unexpected and perfect

1/3/98 Las Vegas, NV. Garret Wang ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Andy Dick ("News Radio") with Klingons and Ferengis at the opening of Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.
1/3/98 Las Vegas, NV. Garret Wang ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Andy Dick ("News Radio") with Klingons and Ferengis at the opening of Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. /

Space listed their 10 Star Trek: Voyager episodes of all time and it’s perfect.

If you’re a fan of Star Trek: Voyager, and why shouldn’t you be – it was fantastic, then you know the show created some absolutely great episodes. The sheer quantity of greatness the series produced is ample, and the best of Voyager ranks with the best of any other series.

No one would try and deny the great episodes Voyager has created, endless they’re a try-hard, attempting to diminish the show because it’s “acceptable” to take cheap shots. Otherwise, you know the show has some absolute classics.

You don’t need to think the show is the best among the series, it doesn’t need to be your favorite, all you need to do is admit that yeah; the show was good. agrees that the series was good and even posted their Top 10 episodes of all time. Their list is nearly perfect and while you’re free to disagree, it’s hard to say that they didn’t at least get every great episode possible, even if your Top 10 would have others on it.

You can at least admit you’d watch these 10 episodes.

Space’s Top 10 Star Trek: Voyager episodes.

It’s worth pointing out and asking; what Star Trek: Voyager seasons are the best? Space had three episodes from season seven, three from season six, and three episodes from season five. They also have one from season two and one from season three. Technically they list “Equinox” as one, two-part episode, hence the 11 episodes listed.

"10. Distant Origin (Season 3, Episode 23)9. Good Shepard (Season 6, Episode 20)8. Nightingale (Season 7, Episode 8)7. Human Error (Season 7, Episode 17)6. Meld (Season 2, Episode 16)5. Equinix (Season 5 Episode 25, & Season 6, Episode 1)4. Blink of an Eye (Season 6, Episode 12)3. Endgame (Season 7, Episode 24)2. Year of Hell (Season 5, Episode 8 & 9)1. Timeless (Season 5, Episode 6)"

It’s hard to argue with this list. It screams “all Chad’s favorite episodes”. Maybe not in the right episode but yes, I do adore each and every one. Distant Origins because, I mean, dinosaurs in space? I mean, have you ever heard of Disnosaucers? Come on. Who wouldn’t love space-dinos?

Good Shepard not only did the Lower Decks concept a bit differently, but it also had Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. Nightengale and Human Error highlighted Harry Kim and Chakotay’s life and desires, as well as giving Seven of Nine a chance to flex her character muscles alongside Chakotay and The Doctor.

Meld tackled mental illness and how to control one’s impulses and featured Tuvok mind-melding with the deranged Lon Suder. (Memo: Don’t mind-meld with mass murders.) Equinox saw Voyager meet another Federation vessel but one led by a less-inspiring captain than Kathryne Janeway.

Blink of an Eye is pure Star Trek zaniness, with a plane that revolves 58 times a second, accelerating the life cycle on the planet. As for Endgame, Year of Hell, and Timeless? Watch them all and tell us if you think they got the order correct.

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