3 best moments from Star Trek: Prodigy premiere

Pictured: Brett Gray as Dal of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved.
Pictured: Brett Gray as Dal of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Prodigy . Photo Cr: Nickelodeon/Paramount+ ©2021, All Rights Reserved. /

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season premiere of Star Trek: Prodigy.

Star Trek: Prodigy debuted today on Paramount+

The next series in the Star Trek franchise released today with a two part episode “Lost and Found.” A CGI production, Prodigy introduces viewers to the young aliens who will be taking part on the journey of their lives and welcomes back a familiar face and voice to the screen—Captain Kathryn Janeway as the training hologram.

With forty-five minutes to choose the best moments from, it was a difficult decision, especially since this was such a well-done premiere with high-end production values and top-of-the-class voice talent. This is definitely a series that has taken a step in the right direction from its very first minute on the air. Alas, I had to choose my top three moments, and while I could have chosen from all of the actions scenes, I chose to focus on the character moments without including the most obvious one which was the introduction of Captain Janeway.

#3 Moment from Star Trek: Prodigy—Rok-Tank’s voice is heard

Rok-Tank is a massive rock-like alien that looms over nearly everyone. At first, it appeared that the alien would be an enemy, but when the universal translator was activated aboard the ship, and Rok-Tank is heard for the first time, Dal realizes the alien is actually a child. Dal is shocked, and Rok-Tank is a little offended at his response. But it was a perfect introduction to what could have been a formidable enemy. And from that point forward, we realize that Rok-Tank really is a kid who acts and responds like a child, which is going to make it a more interesting journey.

#2 Moment from Star Trek: Prodigy—Gwyn gets kidnapped

Gwyn is the unhappy daughter of the Diviner, the evil controller of what seems to be a desolate planet and prison colony. Not much is discovered about the planet, but one thing is certain. Gwyn is controlled by her father, and she is extremely unhappy. Dal asks her to join him and his crew aboard the discovered ship, but it was too late, as the Diviner’s minions had followed Dal back to the ship.

Dal had the idea to kidnap Gwyn so he and his crew could escape the colony, and what follows is a great action scene with her arm tattoos turning into live weapons. But, to me, that wasn’t the best part. While she was a captive aboard the ship, the moment her eyes see the galaxy outside of her father’s dark prison camp, she was changed and clearly liberated.

#1 Moment from Star Trek: Prodigy—Dal realizes he doesn’t know where to go

Dal has been planning his escape from the mining prison colony for quite awhile, and even though he held onto hope, he kept getting knocked back down. It was only after finding the ship that escape became a real possibility. And when Zero finally manages to get the ship up in the air, and they burst forth from the rock spires, Dal is ecstatic…until he’s asked where they are going.

With an eye toward the sky, Dal says he didn’t realize there would be so many stars. So he has no idea where to go. It’s his first taste of freedom so it’s understandable. All he was focused on was getting away from the Diviner. And now that he has, the galaxy is at his fingertips. He and the crew will find their way…with a little help from Captain Janeway.

There were some other pretty terrific moments, but these were just little character reactions that really made these three shine and made me look forward to next week’s episode!

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