The Borg Cube Advent Calendar is perfect for Star Trek fans

Borg cube Advent calendar. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Borg cube Advent calendar. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

The Borg Cube Advent Calendar is a must-have for any Star Trek fan

The Borg Cube Advent Calendar, which was introduced in June, is now available for purchase, and I can tell you without reservation that it’s a must-have for any Star Trek fan. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or to help a fan start building theirs, this is one gift that you will not regret purchasing.

Hero Collector

has created the gift that exceeds all gifts with this unique calendar. Each day, for twenty-four days, you’ll open a numbered box or envelope and find a high-quality present inside. I won’t tell you everything that’s in the box because that would take all the fun out of the surprise, but I will tell you every gift is something you (or your friend) will treasure.

The Borg
The Borg /

The Borg Cube is a gift you’ll want to get early

This year, Advent begins on Sunday, November 28th and ends on Friday, December 24. But if you don’t get the calendar by November 28th, you’ll just have to open more days to catch up! That certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially when you’ll discover fancy gifts like an espresso cup that commemorates the first warp flight in human history in 2063,  the Enterprise blueprint design socks, and a coaster set inspired by the console screens from The Original Series which will I’ll be using on my coffee table just in case my friends don’t know already how much I love Star Trek.

Some of these surprises are so good you could even give them as Christmas gifts, and since they can’t be purchased anywhere, you know you’ll be giving a truly unique present. Plus, the odds of your friend getting the same thing from someone else are slim. But if you’re still undecided about the calendar, follow along with Irish Trekkie who is going to begin revealing its contents starting on December 1st. Then, once you’re sufficiently excited, head on over to Hero Collector to buy your piece of the Borg.

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