Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Enterprise is 25% different than you remember

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will continue to use the re-designed Enterprise.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will feature the same U.S.S. Enterprise that fans saw at the end of Star Trek: Discovery’s first season. The Enterprise is supposed to be the same ship seen in the original series and first few films, but there’s a bit of a difference that some may not realize.

This Enterprise will be about 25% different than the original show’s version. That’s for good reasons, there were things Gene Roddenberry wanted on the original ship that wasn’t possible at the time, and of course, technology and design have greatly improved since then, making upgrades to the ship’s presentation almost a necessity.

The ship won’t be making its Nu Trek debut with Strange New Worlds, as it featured prominently in season two of Discovery. Not everyone loved the changes to the ship, as the colors were more pronounced, the bridge had a slightly different layout with a lot more technology featured in the ship.

It also wasn’t the same size as fans remembered. With the original Enterprise measuring in at 946 ft, and the re-design for Discovery and Strange New Worlds coming in at a whopping 1,450 ft from end to end.

Despite its changes, the Enterprise will still include one classic Star Trek tradition.

The changes to the Enterprise are understandable. The original series built its set on a shoestring budget. They recycled garbage and pieces from other shows on different lots and built their shot. For the 1960s it was a brilliant-looking set. For 2021, recycling that design would probably make things appear pretty bad with modern cameras. So while some will be upset, it’s also understandable that the ship would be reimagined.

After all, the show has reimagined a lot of things over the years; namely the Klingons on more than one occasion.

Despite some changes, one tradition has seemly been followed, however, as the set of the Enterprise for Discovery and presumably for Strange New Worlds, will be re-painted Discovery sets. This has always been a staple of Star Trek shows in the past, as Next Generation’s transporters were actually the original series transporters just flipped upside down.