Nickelodeon sets premiere date for Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios
Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios /

Star Trek: Prodigy has proven to be popular on Paramount+

Star Trek fans have discovered that Star Trek: Prodigy isn’t just for kids and have tuned into the animated series on Paramount+ in droves. In fact, the series caught on so fast that it has already been renewed for a second season. And Dal and his crew’s adventures will continue on Paramount after the first of the year on Thursday, January 6, 2022, but now, young ones will have the opportunity to see it on their favorite channel as Nickelodeon finally sets a premiere date.

According to, the series will premiere on Friday, December 17th with a one-hour long episode just as it did when it debuted on Paramount+. For most people, Nickelodeon is available in their current cable tv package, but for those that have cut the cord, you can find Nick streaming on Philo, SlingTV, Youtube Live, Hulu Live, fuboTV, and DTV stream.

Star Trek: Prodigy is an invitation to learn about Star Trek

The CG-animated series is the perfect way to introduce younger children to the Star Trek franchise as it’s the first series whose main characters know nothing about the ship they’ve commandeered, Starfleet, or the Federation. Thankfully, Hologram Captain Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) is aboard and will teach the six youngsters about the United Federation of Planets and what Starfleet represents as well as how to run the ship.

Though there is a villain in the series, The Diviner (voiced by John Noble), the five episodes that have already aired aren’t so dark as to prevent young children from watching. In fact, Prodigy has introduced comedy, team-building, and new friendships that kids are sure to find captivating.

Catch the series premiere on Nickelodeon on December 17th at 8:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. Central.

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