New documentary about William Shatner will prove age is just a number

Star Trek’s William Shatner went to space, now you get to watch all about it.

Star Trek’s very own William Shatner went to space with former Amazon head Jeff Bezos, and subscribers to Amazon’s Prime Video service will be able to learn all about it on Dec. 15. The documentary will focus on Shatner’s travel on the Blue Origin flight, who became the oldest human being to go to space at 90-years-old.

Shatner has long proven that age is just a number and despite his years, he’s still proven to be a very spry man, who looks far younger than he is. Be it plastic surgery or genetics, Shatner has long been someone who defied the conventional rules for aging.

His trip to space will surely be an example that no matter your age, you can do and achieve anything you want. If a 90-year-old man can go to space, you can surely go back to school or run your first marathon.

Amazon Press Release:

Shatner in Space, a One-Hour Special Documenting William Shatner’s Life-Changing Flight to Space, to Premiere December 15 on Prime Video

Prime Video and William Shatner today announced that Shatner in Space, a one-hour special, will premiere on Prime Video on Wednesday, December 15 in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, with additional territories launching in early 2022.

The announcement was first made by Mr. Shatner during a virtual panel for CCXP Worlds, the virtual version of the world’s largest fan convention in São Paulo, Brazil. The special details the events before, during, and after Shatner’s life-changing flight—which made him
the oldest person to ever travel to the cosmos—and the growing friendship between the Star Trek icon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, whose dreams of space travel, like many, were inspired by the original Star Trek series.

“My time in space was the most profound experience I could have ever imagined,” said Shatner. “This special documenting my journey gives a dramatic view of that experience, and my hope is that it inspires the world to see we must go to space to save Earth.”

Shatner in Space is produced by Amazon Studios, Blue Origin, Film 45, Jason Ehrlich Productions, and Bright Spot Content.

One of Blue Origin’s passengers has sadly passed away

Shatner’s documentary may not just feature the Star Trek legend. There were several other people on that voyage that very well may be featured in the documentary as well.

One of his fellow passengers on that flight got to experience everything Shatner did on that flight but unfortunately, it would be among the last things he’d get to. Enterepneour Glen M. de Vries passed away on Nov. 11 after being involved in a plane crash.

It’s unclear if de Vries will be featured with the rest of the passengers, especially since he passed away just weeks later. One would think he and the rest of the passengers would at least get some mentioned alongside Shatner but we’ll have to wait until Dec.15 to find out.