Star Trek: Picard production designer sharing concept art from S1

Star Trek: Picard will air its second season in February 2022

It’s been almost two years since Star Trek: Picard wrapped its first season. What we watched back in 2020 might not have stayed with us, which is why it is time for a rewatch. Picard production designer Dave Blass is taking that seriously as he posted on his Twitter page on December 21st that, with ten weeks remaining until the premiere, he was going to watch one episode a week. On top of that, he’ll be sharing some “cool concept art.”

He started off the first episode, “Rememberance,” viewing by sharing the La Sirena logo by John Eaves.

Star Trek: Picard started with a one-hour premiere of “Rememberance.”

The one-hour series premiere of Picard filled in the background information for Patrick Stewart’s character, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, since he’d resigned from Starfleet after the Federation wouldn’t help the Romulans after the attack on Mars.

Blass revealed some early concept art from that attack along with some reminders of the opening of the episode.

And curiously, Blass shared images from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Family” where Captain Picard visited his brother Robert and his family at their chateau in France. What’s so curious about it is he adds a cryptic note that says “these images might be handy in February.”

Since the second season of Picard is set to involve time travel, it’s entirely possible we’ll see Picard’s family chateau again and maybe even his family. Hopefully, he might even get the opportunity to say goodbye to them, knowing the future that awaits them at the beginning of Star Trek: Generations.

Since it’s doubtful we’ll get further details on the second season, following the behind-the-scenes people from Picard can provide information we might not get otherwise. I know I’ll be tuning in to Blass’ weekly updates!