These Star Trek fans built and now sell interactive tribbles

Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

What is Star Trek without a tribble?

Tribbles were the bane of Captain Kirk’s existence when they overcame the Enterprise on the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.” They were cute, cuddly, and multiplied like a math genius. Yet, that didn’t stop people from wanting them. Even today, over fifty years since that episode, the tribbles remain popular collectors’ items. But one woman from Massachusetts wanted a little something more.

Kayleigha Zawacki watched the classic episodes of Star Trek with her dad and wanted her own pet tribble. But she wanted more than a stuffed toy. She wanted hers to purr when it was happy and shriek in the event a Klingon ventured near. So, according to the Boston Globe, she decided to make a tribble on her own, with help from her husband, Jay.

"They built a prototype in their living room, envisioning it as a smart toy that could be put into different modes with an app. One example: “watchdog” mode, so you can put the Tribble on top of a laptop or another item and it screams if someone tries to move it."

This tribble is now a licensed Star Trek product

The Zawackis now create tribbles for Star Trek fans around the globe with their company, Science Division. Their products bear the Star Trek logo on the packaging and are official licensed products. And these aren’t your small, fluffy toys you can stuff in your pocket. These tribbles are 5″ tall and 8″ across. Here is the full description from the website:

"New app-enabled Tribbles are a Trek-lover’s dream come true. These Star Trek pets are the softest and most lifelike Tribbles available.They respond to your movement with gentle trills, and they vibrate softly like they’re purring–until they detect a Klingon!They’ll even scream on command at friends, family members, and co-workers. Fully-licensed and created by fans, for fans. Trouble’s never been this fun!™"

These tribbles are geared toward adult Star Trek fans and our priced accordingly, starting at $74.00, but it’s a collectible any Trekkie would want!

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