3 Star Trek films you can watch on Christmas Day

1996 Patrick Stewart stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact".
1996 Patrick Stewart stars in the new movie "Star Trek: First Contact". /
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Star Trek Generations

Star Trek Generations features a man by the name of Tolian Soran, an El-Aurian doctor who goes mad after the death of his family at the hands of the Borg. He discovers a space-entity known as the Nexus that not only acts as a personal heaven for those who enter it but a doorway to different times if used properly. To gain entry into this rift, however, stars and planets have to be destroyed to draw it to the person who seeks entry. Needless to say, destroying suns and planets tend to lead to a lot of drama.

James T. Kirk is essentially being put out to pasture by Starfleet when the movie begins, only to be lost trying to save the Enterprise-B. He awakens in the Nexus with a second chance with the woman he loves, until the captain of the Enterprise-D, Jean-Luc Picard comes calling for his aid. Picard is burdened throughout the movie by his decision to give up on having a family in favor of his career. It’s something that manifests for Picard during his time in the Nexus, as he’s surrounded by his children on Christmas.

This is also one of the reasons why it makes the list, the rare Star Trek-Christmas scene.

The other big reason why this film makes the list of films to watch on Christmas involves the team-up of Picard and Kirk, a meeting fans had been wanting to see for years at the point the film was made. It was the ultimate present to kick off the holiday season, as the movie came out in November just in time for families to hit up the theaters as big groups. Its release date also acts as the third reason this film counts as a holiday option; as November is a big month for holiday films.