William Shatner once starred in one of the weirdest Christmas movies ever

William Shatner starred in one of the weirdest Christmas movies ever.

Christmas presents itself with a host of interesting and unique movies and television offerings. It’s such a festive time of the year that we often forget that many filmmakers attempt to turn the holiday season from a fun-filled outing of red and green lights to a more, shall we say, crimson-colored festival. Yes, Christmas horror movies are a real thing and sometimes they’re even entertaining. We talked about Anna and the Apocalpyse recently, a Christmas musical set during a zombie apocalypse. A weird idea, but maybe not as weird as William Shatner’s A Christmas Horror Story.

That’s right, Billy Shatner was in a Christmas horror movie and it’s…not bad. It’s not perfect by any means but if you were a fan of the anthology Halloween films, V/H/S, or Trick ‘R Treat, then you may enjoy this offering.

If you didn’t, maybe steer clear then because it’s not for everyone.

William Shatner is masterful in A Christmas Horror Story

It’s hard to really pinpoint why I enjoyed this film so much, but mostly it had to do with some of the twists that came in the story. A story that focuses on Shatner as a drunken radio host, who ends up getting called during his show and warned about an event happening at the town mall, and being warned to stay away.

What ensues is a wild adventure of four stories, filled with twists and turns that will shock and delight many a viewer. The whole film builds up to and delivers a climactic showdown between Santa Claus and the Krampus and yes, you read that sentence right.

It’s hard to go into the details of this film without giving away all of the many neat little swerves it has to offer, but if you’re a fan of cheeky, Canadian, holiday-themed, horror movies then you may just enjoy A Christmas Horror Story.

While it may not be Shatner’s best film, it is his best Christmas horror film and that means something where I’m from.

And if that doesn’t sway you, I have two words for you; zombie elves.