5 Star Trek series leaving Hulu in January 2022

Paramount+ continues removing Star Trek series

If you watch your favorite classic Star Trek series on Hulu, you may have noticed that all five of them now have countdown warnings, alerting you to an expiration date.  On the heels of the announcement that all five of the classic Star Trek series, including The Original Series and The Next Generation, would be leaving Amazon Prime in January comes the news that the same shows will be departing from Hulu after the first of the year as well.

On January 5, 2022, there will no longer be any Star Trek series remaining on Hulu, although this doesn’t seem to apply to the movies at least not for now as there is no expiration date beside any of those titles currently carried by Hulu. According to TrekMovie, this move is part of a strategy by ViacomCBS to make their own streaming service, Paramount+, the go-to place for their franchises and assets.

Star Trek fans are almost out of streaming options except for Paramount+

For now, The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine remain on Netflix, but with the current removal of all five of the classics from two other major streaming channel, there’s no doubt both of these series will leave once their licensing deals expire. This puts Paramount+ at the forefront and will soon make it the only place fans can stream shows like Voyager and Enterprise as well as the other three series that helped to create and build the franchise.

This news is disappointing for fans that currently prefer Hulu, but it should come as no surprise that Paramount+ plans to be the sole provider of all things Star Trek eventually as all new Star Trek shows are premiering or have premiered on the streaming channel only. Paramount+ is the only place where you can watch Prodigy, Picard (unless you’re an international viewer), Discovery (unless you’re an international viewer), Lower Decks, and Short Treks. Strange New Worlds is set to debut on the channel in the spring of 2022.