Star Trek: Picard needs to address the Q and Guinan plot hole

Star Trek: Picard needs to address the Q and Guinan conflict.

Star Trek: Picard finished its first season run and didn’t really resolve many plot points from the previous series but instead opened up huge new ones. New mysteries to explore weren’t exactly what fans wanted from Picard, as much as they wanted past mysteries answered. It’s been three decades for most of the questions to be left lingering in the minds of fans everywhere and hopefully Picard can start answering some. Namely the issues between Q and Guinan.

It remains a huge as heck plothole to this day but if you’re new to the franchise, perhaps you aren’t entirely caught up. In the episode “Q Who”, where Q introduces the U.S.S. Enterprise to the Borg by force, Q and Guinan had a little showdown in Ten Forward. The two squared up with one another like two MMA fighters ready to go.

Guinan was well aware of who Q was, and Q believed she was dangerous. Considering Guinan is an El-Aurian and they’re a bit of a mysterious bunch, with super long life spans, maybe they’re far more acquainted than people may realize with the Q Continuum. Maybe they even share some roots of sorts.

Star Trek: Picard needs to resolve Q and Guinan’s history

With both Q and Guinan returning to Star Trek on Picard, this seems like the best opportunity to resolve the lingering plot thread that has been their contentious relationship. It also may be the last opportunity to do it with both actors being present and accounted for.

Neither Q’s actor, John de Lancie, nor Quinan’s actress, Whoopi Goldberg are getting any younger, nor do either person have a reason to return to the franchise after the events of Picard. It’s not like Guinan has ties to the events of Prodigy or Q popping up in Strange New Worlds; while a fantastic thought, is likely to happen.

The show has to resolve this dangling plot thread.