Indiana fans post a short video of his basement Star Trek set

Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

Indiana Star Trek fan is back with a short video.

We love praising Star Trek fans and their creativity on this site. It’s one of the best things about being a part of the fandom; seeing all the neat stuff that they can create. Dating back to the rise in popularity in the 70s, Star Trek fans have been one of the leaders in fan-made and fan-designed accessories and collectibles.

One fan turned his entire basement into a Star Trek and Doctor Who-themed wonderland. We talked about Todd Spann early last year after he was covered by his local news channel for his in-house creation.

He did a full tour of the basement on his YouTube channel, “The Todd” (named after the infamous Scrubs character, no doubt) and it was impressive as heck. Now Spann is back with a brand new video that fully embraces much of his basement.

Todd Spann didn’t just stop making a Star Trek short film.

Spann’s Star Trek short film embraced almost every aspect of the basement, save for the Doctor Who section. There was even a minor cameo for eagle-eyed science fiction fans, as it’s the activation pad for the Stargate portal. A recent addition to the long-time Trek fan’s house.

So if you’re following along, Spann has a near-accurate recreation of a Starfleet bridge in his basement, as well as the TARDIS from Doctor Who and now the stargate portal from the film and television series Stargate.

Spann is living every science-fiction dream in his house. Clearly showing that with some time, some dedication, and a real passion, you can make things like this in your own home. Fans like Spann really do make fans like us proud with his dedication and devotion.

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

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