Watch: Star Trek Prodigy “Kobayashi” episode references side by side

Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios
Star Trek: Prodigy. Image Courtesy Nickelodeon, CBS Television Studios /

Star Trek: Prodigy broke new ground with its iconic cameos in “Kobayashi”

On last Thursday’s episode, Star Trek: Prodigy brought back several iconic characters to the bridge of the Enterprise-D, with most of their voices coming from archival footage, whether it was from television series or movies. It was definitely a feat to find the exact wording needed for each character to use in the right way on the episode.

As previously reported, Aaron J. Waltke, the writer and producer of the series, said he had to watch forty or fifty episodes of the series as well as read numerous scripts to find the exact verbiage. The dedication was well worth it as we were given an unforgettable episode with unforgettable characters. And, in case you were wondering exactly which episodes or movies were used, one fan has provided that to us in a video that’s a little over four minutes long.

The Star Trek: Prodigy cameos contributed to one of the best episodes

The Youtube channel, A Strange New Pod, is described as a “weekly Star Trek Podcast focusing on the past, present, and future of Trek.” It was started in May of 2020 and has an impressive number of videos, including deep dives that speak to the knowledge of the Youtubers behind the channel.

In this particular video, we learn the exact episodes that were used, with the exception of all of Lt. Uhura’s comments, as some of her phrases were commonly used in more than one episode. The main gist of Mr. Spock’s ending speech to Dal in “Kobayashi” came from Star Trek: The Original Series, season two, episode thirteen, “Obsession” and season one, episode five. “Enemy Within.”

But there was one, very important phrase we didn’t have to look up for most Trekkies know this one by heart. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” comes from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and was a perfect insert into “Kobayashi” as a reminder to Dal that it isn’t all about him and his struggle to be captain of the Protostar.

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