Are these the most paused moments in Star Trek?

Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock in the television series, "Star Trek."
Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock in the television series, "Star Trek." /

Looper claims these are the most paused moments in Star Trek: TOS history.

Star Trek: The Original Series may be pushing 60 years old, but it still rates as one of the most important science fiction franchises ever. In fact, among Star Trek fans polled, it’s still the most popular of all the Trek series, though the polling size was rather small, so there is a margin of error.

Yet, it does give you an idea that fans, old and new alike, still love the first series in Star Trek’s canon. In fact, it’s such a beloved series, fans have actually recreated the sets and made their own follow-up version of the show called Star Trek Continues, which sought to wrap up the original five-year journey of the Enterprise crew.

So it’s not surprising that Looper listed their most pause-worthy moments of the original series recently.

  • Kirk and Spock Fight
  • The Gorn
  • Kirk Kisses Uhura
  • Sulu’s Shirtless Fencing
  • Evil Kirk Freak Out
  • Kirk Surrounded By Tribbles

There’s no “one” most pause-worthy moment in Star Trek’s history

There’s no single moment that exists in the original series that is the most pause-worthy. There are so many good ones. Looper’s list gets many of them right, but others they forgot about include the revelation of the Salt Vampire in the fifth episode, The Man Trap. The debut of Balok in the second episode of the season, The Corbomite Maneuver, and of course the revelation of what a Romulan actually was in episode eight, the Balance of Terror.

There are so many more that I’m not listing either. It’s such a well-done show, despite its limited special effects budget.

Of Looper’s list, I have to go with the evil-Kirk freakout moment. The physical acting that William Shatner exuded at that moment was raw and visceral. He surely gave it his all, physically and emotionally speaking and it resonated on camera.

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