One surprising Harrison Ford movie influenced Star Trek: Prodigy

Han Solo (Harrison Ford) made a return in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."Xxx Img Han Solo 3 1 1jcrkhi8 Jpg
Han Solo (Harrison Ford) made a return in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."Xxx Img Han Solo 3 1 1jcrkhi8 Jpg /

Star Trek: Prodigy was influenced by a famous Harrison Ford film.

Did you know that Star Trek: Prodigy was influenced by a Harrison Ford film? That’s right, according to series creators/showrunners Kevin and Dan Hageman, one specific Ford film from the 1990s was a driving inspiration for the back half of season one.

Speaking to SyFy Wire regarding the imminent return of Prodigy, the Hageman’s revealed that the second half of the new animated show was based on Ford’s The Fugitive.

What, were you expecting another Star-based film series or something?

From SyFy Wire:

"We can’t go too much into what the next 10 episodes are gonna be, but we can say is: We love the movie The Fugitive. And when you look at that movie, you love Harrison Ford. He’s unjustifiably screwed over and he’s on the run. And you want him to clear his name. And then you love Tommy Lee Jones, who is just trying to do his job, right? He’s not a bad guy, you love seeing both stories and the characters and what’s going to happen when their stories catch up to each other. And so we wanted that dynamic with Janeway and our kids."

Star Trek: Prodig is fixing to get interesting in the second half

As we saw to close out the first half of Prodigy, the real Kathryne Janeawy is still around and part of Starfleet and now she’s the one who’s going to be giving the Protostar the business. This is what the Hagemans are referring to by the Fugitive angle. The young kids on the ship are going to be out-running Janeway and the rest of Starfleet as a whole.

Janeway is on the USS Dauntless II, a ship designed after an alien ship Voyager met in the Delta Quadrant in the episode “Hope and Fear” from Voyager’s fourth season. As Kevin Hageman explained, it’s an experimental ship.

"I think it’s the Dauntless II. This is an experimental ship that took the technology from the original Dauntless and created a Starfleet vessel out of it. With slipstream technology. Which [Admiral] Janeway would know all about."

This is all setting up an interesting cat and mouse game between the USS Protostar and the young, unofficial/official Starfleet cadets and the USS Dauntless II.

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