A new Strange New Worlds Hallmark ornament will be available soon

Discover Hallmark's Spock Keepsake ornament on Amazon.
Discover Hallmark's Spock Keepsake ornament on Amazon. /

Fans of Star Trek will want to keep their eye out for this Strange New Worlds ornament.

One of the most fun traditions that Star Trek fans in the 1990s got was the near-yearly reveal of new Star Trek ornaments by Hallmark. It’s been a tradition that’s largely continued ever since, even if it doesn’t have the same hoopla anymore.

That’s mostly because they expanded their line so much that the new releases don’t have the same weight when they’re released. That doesn’t mean that Star Trek ornaments aren’t still awesome to get, and thanks to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, fans are going to be able to get their hands on a new ornament relatively soon.

The new USS Enterprise ornament, designed after the version from Strange New Worlds, will be available soon from Hallmark.


Hallmark has all sorts of new ornaments for fans this year

Also coming this year, are Mirror, Mirror versions of Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, Pavel Chekov, Dr. Leonard McCoy, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, and Captain James T. Kirk. So if you wanted to have the Mirror, Mirror outfit versions of those ornaments, you can have them.

The one-piece that most fans should look into getting is the USS Enterprise tree topper. It’s a bit more expensive, coming in at $149.99. The rest of the ornaments, which range from $32.99 to $34.99, are far cheaper but then again, this is a tree topper.

The ship is the less expensive at $32.99.

All of the Christmas ornaments and such are not yet available for purchase but that doesn’t mean Hallmark doesn’t have anything for Star Trek fans ready right now. If you have a birthday party coming up for a Trekkie in your life, Hallmark has several types of uniform mugs, Mirrior, Mirror Captain Kirk Book Ends, and several plushies featuring Uhura, Sulu, Captain Janeway, Seven of Nine, and Locutus (aka Borg Picard).

So pop on by Hallmarks Star Trek page to check out all these items.

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