Social media is all abuzz about Captain Pike’s hair

Captain Pike’s hair is getting a lot of attention since Star Trek: Strange New Worlds premiered.

Anson Mount, who portrays Captain Christopher Pike, is taking the conversations in stride as his character’s hair has become a topic of social media chatter. Fans of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds have nicknamed it “Pike’s Peak,” with some calling it a pompadour. As reports, one Star Trek fan, Danny Epperson, even went so far as to create a Twitter account (@CaptPikesHair) as well as an Instagram account with the same handle with a bio that’s chuckle-worthy.

“…to explore strange new worlds and seek out new pomades… to boldly blow where no hair has blown before!”

When interviewed at the social media accounts, Epperson said it felt like the hair was its own character.

“It felt like it could be a character of its own because it added some visual excitement to a show that, you know, is already full of it. So it’s something unique.”

Fans are paying a lot of attention to Captain Pike’s hair.

Many are saying that his hair is getting taller each week, but Epperson came to its defense, saying Anson Mount’s hair has something special in each episode.

“It depends on the story. And then we’ve seen that. His hair was a little high, fun, and fancy when he was in his quarters hosting dinner, you know. But when he goes on the away mission, it has a hard heart slant.”

One Twitter user felt bad for Mount and sent a tweet telling the actor he hoped he was taking it all in stride and adding that he was killing it in the role. While another user shared a fanmade poster that bore the announcement “Star Trek: Pike’s Peak. Coming 2023 to Paramount+.” Mount responded by saying he was “on it” and “renegotiating for a development deal.”

There’s currently a Reddit post that asked the question “How tall do you think Pike’s hair will get?” And the responses? Well, you need to read those for yourself as some are outright hilarious. It’s a good thing Mount is accepting this as merely part of the job and having fun with it as it doesn’t seem like the humor will be slowing down anytime soon, especially if his hair does get higher.