#RenewtheOrville campaign is underway for season 4

The Orville: New Horizons -- “Mortality Paradox” - Episode 303 (Photo by: Hulu)
The Orville: New Horizons -- “Mortality Paradox” - Episode 303 (Photo by: Hulu) /

Fans encourage The Orville: New Horizons renewal with “#renewtheOrville” campaign

While the creator of The Orville: New Horizons, Seth MacFarlane, and the cast are behind another season of the science-fiction dramedy, there are still some questions as to whether that will happen. Season three has been the strongest of the seasons, and some of the best episodes have come out of this season alone. So fans aren’t willing to take a chance that Hulu will simply renew the series on its own. They want their voices heard and have taken to social media, mainly Twitter with the hashtag “renewtheOrville”, to encourage the streaming platorm to lock the series in for another season.

The cast have already been released from their contracts, and that action alone had plenty of us believing we’d be seeing the last of The Orville this season. But MacFarlane has made it clear that he and the cast would love to return. But enough sets of eyes need to watch the series to make it financially beneficial to everyone, including Hulu.

Along with #renewtheOrville, Seth MacFarlane took to Twitter to encourage viewers to watch this week’s episode.

The tweet went to his 13.7 million followers, and just a day before that, he retweeted a post about the campaign to renew the series, showing he’s 100% behind continuing The Orville: New Horizons.

MacFarlane really dug deep writing the episodes for this season, and, as such, he’s delivered some of the most powerful, memorable scenes in the entire show. While seasons one and two were enjoyable, this one has surassed all expectations, moving the series from an entertaining science-fiction comedy to seriously moving drama. While the moments of comedy still exist, it doesn’t overshadow each episode’s message.

This isn’t just about renewing a science-fiction series; it’s about renewing entertainment that speaks to the hearts and minds, which is why all fans should be behind #renewtheOrville.

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