Star Trek fans may mourn Eaglemoss but here comes TOMY

Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

Star Trek fans may not be over the end of Eaglemoss but TOMY is here to help.

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised when I saw just how many fans of Star Trek were upset that the model maker that is Eaglemoss essentially ended operations. While nothing official has been announced, more than enough pieces of news have come out to warrant speculation; not to mention how much buzz is around this story and how little Eaglemoss has done (nothing) to stop the rumor mill.

Still, the fact so many Trek fans are upset at their closer really shows me that how invested the community is in models and the like. It was something I wasn’t fully aware of, and now that I know just how much some fans are going to be affected by the loss of Eaglemoss, I’m hoping I can help fans find alternatives.

Enter Tomy. We’ve talked about Tomy in the past, as they were trying to crowdfund to raise the money needed to begin production on a USS Enterprise diecast model replica. They were trying to raise $1.2 million to begin production. Fans with that itch for authentic models and the like will be happy to know they surpassed their goal of $1.2 million and ended up raising $1.7 million.

TOMY could become a big player in the Star Trek model ship market

The model of the Enterprise is pretty impressive, with a small shuttle bay filled with a few shuttle pods, and a detachable saucer section. This is an impressive-looking model, which makes me think that TOMY if done right, could become a new player in the model Star Trek market.

TOMY is already producing toy models of farm equipment, so they clearly have the production capabilities to pull something like this off, but the question will be about the quality. Eaglemoss’s Hero Collection had some of the best-looking diecast models going, and if TOMY wants to take that space, they’re going to have to up their game.

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