The Star Trek universe pays tribute to Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's iconic Uhura
Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's iconic Uhura /

Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura in a groundbreaking role on Star Trek: The Original Series, passed away at the age of 89.

Hearts are broken in the Star Trek world today with the news of Nichelle Nichols’ passing. As we begin to mourn this iconic actress who used her fame to make a difference in the world, Star Trek actors as well as those outside the community, fans, and those behind-the-scenes of our favorite Star Trek series have taken to Twitter to share memories and tributes.

William Shatner, who portrayed Captain James T. Kirk and worked with Nichols on The Original Series, said she “played an admirable character that did so much for redefining social issues both here in the US & throughout the world.”

Adam Nimoy, the son of Leonard Nimoy who played Mr. Spock on The Original Series, shared a special moment between his father and Nichols, calling it his favorite photo. He added that the importance of Nichelle’s legacy couldn’t be overemphasized.

Wonder Woman’s Linda Carter paid tribute with truly beautiful words that honored the woman who really did move a nation.

Star Trek Voyager’s Kate Mulgrew called Nichols “the First,” in a wonderful message that reminds all of us how important Nichols was and always will be to the Star Trek community.

Wilson Cruz, who portrays Dr. Hugh Culber on Star Trek: Discovery, spoke of NIchols’ presence and grace shining light on people of color.

And NASA shared a picture of Nichols and reminded us that she’d partnered with the agency “to recruit some of the first women and minority astronauts, and inspired generations to reach for the stars.”

Nichelle Nichols left a legacy not only because of her acting but because of her determination to make a difference.

Shortly after the announcement of Nichelle Nichols’ death, the actress’ name began trending on Twitter which isn’t surprising considering what she brought not only to the acting community but to women and people of color. Her popularity, dedication to change and the improvement of lives, as well as her beauty and grace, earned her a place in our hearts for over fifty-five years. She will always be remembered as the first Lt. Uhura and the woman who chose to use her name and star power to improve the world.

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