The world of Star Trek really doesn’t need a Picard film

The world of Star Trek is constantly looking at new ideas and a Picard film doesn’t need to be one.

Star Trek: Picard was a rough show to get through. Yes, the series has leaned heavily on nostalgia, but that’s mostly because the plot was so contrite, while dragging the franchise to dark depths no one wanted. This is Star Trek, not Game of Thrones. We don’t need that type of gore here.

It wasn’t just the gore or the swearing that made Picard hard to stomach, it was the way the series handled its tone. It was dark and depressing and nobody wanted that. They didn’t want a dark and depressing show, which was also boring. Then, don’t even get me started on the second season’s storylines.

The Borg are good now? What? The lunacy is real, folks. So when Patrick Stewart said he’d be open to doing a Picard movie, my blood ran cold. Stewart told the fans at San Diego Comic-Con that (via Daily Star Trek)

Yes, I’d love to. I think that would be a very interesting and exciting – and worthwhile – thing to achieve.

The franchise can’t handle anymore Picard drek. The final season is here and they’re going to do a Next Generation reunion and that’ll be something, but we don’t need more than that.

Picard lasted just three seasons and around 30 episodes, and it still feels far more dragged out than The Flash did.

Patrick Stewart wanting to do a film is proof the Picard series was cancelled

No one is saying it, so I will, why would a series featuring Stewart just end if he isn’t done playing the role? Obviously, he didn’t want to stop playing the role and Paramount+ decided to pull the plug on the struggling series after three seasons

This isn’t surprising, considering streaming services are largely hemorrhaging money and that rope is starting to get tight around the wallets. The downfall of HBO Max, Warner Media’s second failed streaming service behind DC Universe, may just be a sign of things to come.

Keep in mind that Paramount+ only exists because of the merger between Viacom and CBS. Had that not happened, who knows if Paramount+ would even exist?

So yeah, it makes total sense that a lot of things may be affected by HBO Max’s dramatic downsizing. Could the economy be impacting Paramount+ in the same way? Is that why we haven’t seen any news about the new Star Trek film, because it’s now in limbo?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that we don’t need any more Picard content. We’re good. Do the reunion and ride off into the sunset.