LeVar Burton gushes about working with his daughter on Star Trek: Picard

1998 Patrick Stewart And Levar Burton Star In The New Movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." (Photo By Getty Images)
1998 Patrick Stewart And Levar Burton Star In The New Movie "Star Trek: Insurrection." (Photo By Getty Images) /

LeVar Burton loved working with his daughter on the set of Star Trek: Picard.

LeVar Burton sounds like one proud poppa. The Star Trek: The Next Generation actor and franchise icon will be returning to the world of Trek one more time (at least) with the third and final season of Picard. The return of Burton will see the return of the bespectacled one; aka Geordi La Forge.

Burton and La Forge will both get to have the same honor both in and out of the franchise with both men working with their respective daughters. For La Forge, he has two daughters, both of whom will play a role in the upcoming story of Picard. For Burton, one of his on-screen daughters will be played by his own daughter; Mica Burton.

Burton could not be more proud of her, and has taken every step it seems to share as much of this experience with her as he can, telling fans at MegaCon (via TrekMovie.com);

"One of the blessings of this journey was that in the story… it’s about the next generation of the Next Generation. And Geordi has two daughters, one of whom is being played by Mica Burton, my daughter. She’s grown up with—these are here aunts and uncles and they’ve known her since before she got here. And to be able to work with all of us in a professional environment for my kid, and I got to go to work with it every day. I dragged us to work, and we carpooled every day because she lives under my roof again. And it was glorious… You know actresses have earlier makeup and hair calls than actors, but I would get up early to drive my kid to work because when is this going to ever happen again?"

LeVar Burton puts over the chemistry on the set of Star Trek: Picard

The Next Generation cast and crew have always had a tight relationship, and unlike the original series crew that were constantly at odds with one another for one reason or another, the Next Generation crew was very much one big family. Something Burton pointed out to the Mega Con faithful back in June. (via TrekMovie.com)

"It was an absolute blast being together again… you guys have heard how close we are, right? When I got married, Brent was my best man, Patrick, Jonathan and Michael were my groomsmen. We’ve seen each other through the birth of our children, through marriages, death of parents, divorces… And so the opportunity to be together again, and to be together again in spacesuits and play these characters that we all–we love these people as much as you do. Trust me. And you will see, I’m so proud of us because I think we all look pretty damn good. Not only are we aging and aging gracefully, but we’re aging appropriately. And that’s not always the case.And then there was the acting which, if you can imagine how good the chemistry is, it’s better now because our shared experiences are deeper and richer and have lasted longer, stood the test of time. And to be able to come in at the end of what has been a very long journey for Patrick and sort of seeing his energy level rise. because he was dead-dog tired when we got there. I really do believe that we helped carry him to the end in fine fashion, because he was surrounded by love."

Picard as a series has been maligned by many and rightfully so, but with the return of The Next Generation crew, it’s going to be a very interesting third and final season. The hope is that the return of our favorite crew members will help usher the final season of Jean-Luc Picard off with a bang, but we’ll have to wait and see if that happens.

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