Kate Mulgrew promises not to cause any temporal anomalies with statue visit

Kate Mulgrew will be paying a visit to her character’s statue in Bloomington, Indiana.

On October 24, 2020, Bloomington, Indiana unveiled a statue of Captain Kathryn Janeway to celebrate her leadership, her connection to Bloomington, and the accomplishments of those inspired by her character. And on October 23rd of this year, Kate Mulgrew will be paying a visit to the town and the statue. This prompted Meghan Danzig to write a letter to the editor of the Herald-Times, expressing concern regarding the upcoming visit.

Danzig was concerned about the potential for temporal anomalies. Even Janeway’s words were used against her in a bid to bring the statue down.

“Temporal mechanics give me a headache.”

The words, Danzig states, indicates Janeway’s disregard for the timeline. Given that, the captain’s visit could be catastrophic to billions of people, especially if she learns of the future of Voyager and attempts to make any changes.

Kate Mulgrew tweeted a promise meant to assure all residents and fans.

Mulgrew, upon seeing the editorial, promptly tweeted her solemn promise not to cause any temporal anomalies during her visit.

Mulgew reminded everyone that The Janeway Collective would be on hand to handle any causality loops before they occur.

Danzig responed to Mulgrew, assuring her that she would be welcomed with open arms to which Mulgrew replied that she hoped Danzig felt more secure in attending and added that it [the letter] was a great piece and was well-done.

The humorous exchanged brought a smile to a lot of Janeway fans and resulted in almost 500 retweets so far. (Mine included!) That Mulgrew took the time to respond to this letter is just one more example of how Star Trek actors engage with their fans. They make all of us feel included and welcome, and for that, we will always be truely grateful. And we’re sure Mulgrew will keep her promise.