Who is the Harry Kim of each classic Star Trek series?

1/3/98 Las Vegas, NV. Garret Wang ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Andy Dick ("News Radio") with Klingons and Ferengis at the opening of Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.
1/3/98 Las Vegas, NV. Garret Wang ("Star Trek: Voyager") and Andy Dick ("News Radio") with Klingons and Ferengis at the opening of Star Trek The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. /

To be “Harry Kimmed” is not a new concept in Star Trek.

We can debate if it’s “Harry Kim’ed” or “Harry Kimmed” all day, the fact is that Star Trek has generally always had a character on its classic series that existed just to be there at times. While the newer series have similar characters, like Elnor on Picard or D’Vanna Tendi on Lower Decks, these characters are too new to really be included just yet.

It takes historical hindsight to see which character really was the least utilized, so it’s hard to say who will undoubtedly become the Harry Kim of their franchise. While it won’t be as obvious, there will always be a Harry Kim to get “Harry Kimmed”.

Now, we have already written a piece about the three qualities of being Harry Kimmed, so if you’re new, here are the truncated explanations;

  1. You aren’t given much personal growth as a character
  2. Your character needlessly suffers
  3. Your character doesn’t have many interpersonal relationships

To be clear, these criteria only matter to a character on their original run, retcons, after the original actor or actress is gone, don’t count.

So which of the classic Star Trek characters would be the Harry Kim of their franchises?

The classic Star Trek characters who were Harry Kimmed

The Original Series – Nyota Uhura

Honorable Mention: Pavel Chekov

– It may upset some to see the original Uhura being the first person to be Harry Kimmed, but it’s true. During her entire run in the original series and the films. During the character’s first run, she never moved beyond a communications officer. Yes, in Picard, it was retconned that she would eventually go on to be a captain, but if it doesn’t happen in the character’s run, it doesn’t count on this list.

Plus, we all remember The Gamesters of Triskelion, and yeah, suffering was a part of her character from time to time.

She wasn’t the only one, as Pavel Chekov was mostly forgotten fodder on the original series, but in the films, he’d receive promotions to Commander.

The Next Generation – Deanna Troi

Honorable Mention: Geordi La Forge

Every cast has a Harry Kim, and in the case of The Next Generation, it’s Deanna Troi. The Next Generation, not counting characters who lasted just one season, really didn’t suffer the same ill-effect of having a bloated character pool. Every main character got something, though Deanna Troi arguably got the least. She did get promoted to commander and she was hugely instrumental in at least five characters (Picard, Riker, Data, Worf, and Barclay). But she was turned into a cake, so that’s why she edges out Geordi La Forge.

La Forge was a contender, as he really didn’t have the meaty episodes most remember but he did have his fair share, and not only was he promoted throughout his original run, going from helmsmen to Captain (Voyager), but his friendship with Data was truly defining.

Deep Space Nine – Miles O’Brien

Honorable Mention: Jake Sisko

Duh. Miles O’Brien’s only arcs were; torture, Keiko, and kids. That’s a dramatic over-simplification of it, but O’Brien really didn’t get much rub throughout the series and was largely the same character when the series ended as when it began.

Plus, O’Brien must suffer.

Jake Sisko gets the runner-up spot mostly because his relationships never evolve past his dad and Nog, but he does go from student to journalist, and while he didn’t have the same level of episodes dedicated to him as O’Brien did, as a non-bridge crew character, that doesn’t hurt him as much.

Voyager – Harry Kim

Honorable Mention: Kes

Harry Kim got nobody to love, no rank to climb and all the nightmare fuel tortures to last a lifetime. We’re tagging Kes as the honorable mention because, while she had many interpersonal relationships, and didn’t needlessly suffer, she was just boring.

Enterprise – Travis Mayweather

Honorable Mention: Hoshi Sato

We already know that Travis Mayweather got the short end of the stick, but we don’t talk nearly enough about the lack of love that Hoshi Sato got on Enterprise. She had a few episodes dedicated to her at best, and only one that stands out (Vanishing Point). She and Mayweather bot deserved more.

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