James Kirk’s final captain’s log will be a selling point of Star Trek #400

Image courtesy Star Trek Explorer magazine
Image courtesy Star Trek Explorer magazine /

The last captain’s log of James Kirk will be featured in Star Trek #400 by IDW.

When we talk about the best captains in Star Trek history, we rarely, if ever, forget to bring up James Kirk. Kirk is among the best captains for a variety of reasons, mostly due to his view on those around him who are different.

He is a man who seeks unity among all, as it’s the only way to truly move forward through the great adventure that is life. Kirk is a true leader in that regard and it’s part of the reason that he remains so beloved to this day.

With the end of IDW’s current run of Star Trek comics around the corner, their final issue, issue #400, will feature Kirk. In the issue, Kirk will be days away from leaving the Enterprise and is giving his last captain’s log. It seems to be a huge crux of the issue and a fitting way to send the series off before it gets renumbered.

It’s a fitting way to end the current numbering on the Star Trek books, and with Benjamin Sisko returning to the franchise with the renumbered issue #1, it will serve as a wonderful bookend to the franchise.

There’s a preview of the issue over at TrekMovie.com if you’re interested in it,

Is it canon? Does it matter…

Star Trek is a long-running series in not just comics but in the world of entertainment as a whole and part of that legacy is due to James T. Kirk. Most notably the William Shatner version. While we’ve seen Shatner’s Kirk do a lot of things, one of the things we never saw was the end of his Five Year Journey, nor his final days on the Enterprise.

This comic will give fans the ability to see those moments play out to some degree, even if they’re not canon. Giving fans some idea of how important events play out really does help bring a story to a close, regardless of the medium.

It’d be nice if IDW and Paramount could agree on making the books canon, but until that day comes, fans will just have to appreciate what they’ve been given.

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