There are new details about Wil Wheaton’s involvement in Star Trek Online

Wil Wheaton’s Star Trek resurgence continues with Star Trek Online.

In 2022, Wil Wheaton is everywhere in Star Trek. He had a cameo on Star Trek Picard, he’s the host of the Facebook Star Trek recap show, and he’s returning to the franchise once again as Wesley Crusher for Star Trek: Online, though this time as the Mirror Universe version.

The Online game has been a big hit for fans and has been involved in the Mirror Universe for some time now, even giving us the Kathryn Janeway version of the Mirror Universe. She’s still on the side of good, but much less diplomatic.

The game has seen other characters get a second breath like the former Dabo Girl turned Starfleet officer in Leeta. So it’s fitting that Wesley Crusher is getting a second shake at things.

Though what can fans expect from Wheaton’s turn as evil Wesley?

New details on mirror Wesley Crusher in Star Trek Online

When we see the Mirror Universe’s Wesley Crusher, he’ll be the Terran Emperor of that universe and it’ll be up to the players to stop the evil warlord in the new update called Ascension. It’s an interesting situation to be in, especially with how good-natured the original universe Wesley always was.

But he’s not the only iconic character coming back either.

Wesley has developed a taste for god-like powers and needs all the help to get there. After all, in this universe, he has never bestowed the powers of The Traveler. To help get him there, he’ll apparently merge himself with the iconic V’Ger from Star Trek The Motion Picture. This V’Ger however is called “The Other”, and it’ll be the little evil parrot on Crusher’s shoulder.

Star Trek Online is the perfect place to do this kind of thing, as it has potential. It is an interesting idea to bring back V’Ger but to do so in the Mirror Universe will make things a bit more chaotic.