Every Deep Space Nine cameo on Star Trek: Lower Decks’ “Hear All, Trust Nothing,”

The folks at Star Trek: Lower Decks took the Cerritos to the legendary Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek: Lower Decks finally went to Deep Space Nine. After highlighting the Cerritos’ arrival at the station, fans finally got to see what all of their old friends were up to. Well, the three of them that are still there.

While the episode was nostalgia-heavy, one would argue that it wasn’t really fun. Fans will love the episode, as if the newest Star Wars trilogy taught us anything, it’s that nostalgia is all you need for something to be good. Even if it is hollow and empty.

That’s a good way to look at this episode, as most of the callbacks were wasted, and chalked up to bits without giving us the emotional resonance that comes with revisiting an old landmark and past friends. Still, it’s worth watching to form your own opinion. That said, who should you expect to see?

Every Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cameo on Lower Decks’ latest episode


Lower Decks has established that Quark is now a chain-bar owner. His Quarks establishments are everywhere these days and that’s further highlighted by the use of Quarks in the episode. Armin Shimerman is back, though his age has caught up with him and there are moments where he doesn’t sound like Quark but he’s 72 years old, so it’s to be expected.

Kira Nerys

As with Shimerman, Nana Visitor is back as Kira Nerys and her entire subplot involved her being old friends with Shaxs. They had a running gag where Kira and Shaxs both believed they owed the other person their life from the Occupation of Bajor. It was funny at first but that was all they did with her the entire episode; a constant running gag that lost steam instantly.


The folks at Lower Decks didn’t stop with bringing back Quark or Kira Nerys, they even brought back Quark’s number one customer, Morn. And would you believe it, they even brought back his original voice actor too.