Book Review: Star Trek My First Book of Space by Erin Macdonald PhD

My First Book of Space. Star Trek: TM & © 2022 CBS Studios Inc. ARR
My First Book of Space. Star Trek: TM & © 2022 CBS Studios Inc. ARR /

Star Trek My First Book of Space was written by Erin Macdonald and illustrated by Jason Kayser.

This little book with delightful illustrations by Jason Kayser is perfect to teach little ones about space. Written by Erin Macdonald, who has a PhD in astrophysics, the book is short enough so that young children won’t be easily distracted and is a great teaching tool to begin their journey of learning about the galaxy.

My First Book of Space
My First Book of Space /

Macdonald is currently the consultant for ALL Star Trek shows in the franchise so she knows a little about space, and she puts her knowledge to good use in this board book that will allow even the youngest of Trekkies to see the universe. And Kayser does a fantasic job of bringing some of the iconic ships and places of Trek to life.

Though geared for children, Star Trek My First Book of Space is perfect for adult collectors, too!

Trek fans will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor when Macdonald writes about what’s actually in a nebula versus what might be in it. (Think Captain Janeway.). And at only twenty-two pages, it’s small enough to fit on the collector’s shelf without having to shuffle things arouond too much.

Overall, this book is a 10/10 for any Star Trek lover as well as those in the making, and it would be great to see this as a series. Published by Smart Pop, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc., My First Book of Space is available today at all major online retailers, including Amazon. The full book description follows:

"Go where no board book has gone before with this cosmically awesome exploration of our solar system—and beyond!Thanks to its innovative storytelling, breathtaking special effects, and engaging characters, Star Trek has, for over 55 years, captivated the imaginations of generations of fans. But far more than a simple entertainment, Star Trek has long been cited as the inspiration for countless scientists, engineers, writers, artists, and, of course, astronauts, to enter and succeed in their chosen fields of study.Now, for the first time, the youngest Trekkie can explore strange new worlds and see the universe through a Starfleet Academy telescope.Illustrations of some of Star Trek’s most iconic space-faring vessels, including the Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, a Klingon Bird of Prey, and the Kataan probe are paired with real photographs of an asteroid, the planets, Pluto, the Sun, and even a nebula! And because this pop culture primer is filled with more visual Easter Eggs and jokes than there are stars, it makes the perfect gift for the adult collector, too!When enjoyed along with Star Trek: My First Book of Colors, Star Trek: My First Book of Space offers readers and fans of all ages an age-appropriate, entertaining, and energizing first contact with a comprehensive STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education."

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