Fan had serious issue with T’Pol’s eyebrows in Star Trek: Enterprise

Star Trek: Enterprise producers did things differently when it came to T’Pol.

Star Trek: Enterprise producers didn’t treat T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) like a typical Vulcan like we’d seen on Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Voyager. As she was the lead female in the series, Blalock was put in a sexy, tight-fitting catsuit, and the makeup department didn’t do much to her eyebrows to make her look like the alien she portrayed, because the powers-that-be thought that would have affected her sex appeal.

But fans noticed the difference, and many of them didn’t like it. One fan in particular had to voice her opinion, and she wrote a letter to Rick Berman and Brannon Braga in June 4, 2002. In a copy of the letter shared by @trekdocs on Twitter, Miss Rhonda E. Green told the producers that she was unhappy with T’Pol’s eyebrows and was writing because she’d read in a magazine article that Berman and Braga had made the decision not to change Blalock’s eyebrows.

Star Trek: Enterprise made a grave mistake not treating T’Pol as a Vulcan much like Spock or Tuvok.

Miss Green expressed her displeasure rather eloquently telling the producers that they’d made T’Pol a mutant “in order to get the character on the cover of magazines.” And since T’Pol was supposed to be the “sexpot,” on the show, she couldn’t have straight and upswept eyebrows like other female Vulcans before her, i.e., T’Pring on The Original Series.

This fan wasn’t the only one who had issues with T’Pol as Blalock herself didn’t like how her character was portrayed on Enterprise. And while I don’t for one moment think T’Pol was the sole reason for the cancellation of the series, most fans had a big problem with her character’s lack of Vulcan qualities which was one mark of many against the series.

If Berman and/or Braga responded to Miss Green, there’s no evidence of it, but at least she had her say. While it didn’t change anything, it let the producers know that she, along with other fans, weren’t blind to the obvious differences between T’Pol and other female Vulcans. And we knew the precise reason why she was singled out.