ICYMI: 3 important Star Trek news posts you may have missed

United Launch Alliance launch at SLC-41 of AFSPC-11. Image courtesy United Launch Alliance
United Launch Alliance launch at SLC-41 of AFSPC-11. Image courtesy United Launch Alliance /

Each month, we try to bring you the latest news from the world of Star Trek and science fiction. 

Though we are mainly a site dedicated to all things Star Trek, we do venture into science fiction, and we attempt to keep you updated with the latest connections with science and Star Trek. We publish over 100 posts per month so it’s easy for some of those articles to get overlooked among the crowd. That’s why I wanted to highlight three posts from this month that you might have missed as all three contain things you may want to know that aren’t series-specific.

First up is Mike Poteet’s post about George Takei’s visit to an important historical site. Not only does Mike share information about the site, but he goes into some of Takei’s background. It’s a history lesson many are not aware of which makes it a must-read piece.

Second is Chad Porto’s post about the discovery of tiny microbes that can be used and assmiliated into other organisms. And they have officially been named “Borg” after the villains that have haunted some of our Star Trek favorites for decades. This is a fascinating read about what the future holds.

And finally, recently, I wrote a post about two iconic Star Trek crew members that are joining the Enterprise Memorial Flight when it takes off after the first of the year. The cremated remains of both Greg Jein and Robert Justman will be aboard, and I have an interview with Justman’s son and another with one of Jein’s best friends coming up next month.

These three posts, two about the future and one about the past, bring you just some of the news from Star Trek for the month of October that might have slipped through the cracks.

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