TrekCulture reveals their 10 worst Star Trek: Voyager episodes

Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector
Hero Collector’s New Star Trek Starfleet Starships Collection. Image courtesy Hero Collector /

Are these the 10 worst Star Trek: Voyager episodes ever? TrekCulture sure thinks so.

Star Trek: Voyager, I believe, is the true underrated gem of Star Trek. That or Enterprise. Both series are great, but Voyager just has a more lived-in feeling. You aren’t just on a ship that’s traveling the universe. You’re home, with a group who have to be more like family. After all, they’re lost in space and can’t just disembark somewhere.

Voyager as a series, however, is great but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its rough spots. Every series and every franchise has its less-than-awesome moments. Voyager is no different in that regard.

TrekCulture, the YouTube arm of WhatCulture decided to post a video where they list their 10 least favorite episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. The YouTube video is new, but the article is from March, so we decided to pull from the article itself and not the video and decide whether we agree with their picks.

Here’s what WhatCulture, TrekCulture’s parent site, suggested were the 10 worst episodes.

"Threshold Season 2, Episode 15Demon Season 4, Episode 24Spirit Folk Season 6, Episode 17The Disease, Season 5 Episode 16Favorite Son Season 3, Episode 20Twisted Season 2, Episode 6Rise Season 3, Episode 19Unforgettable, Season 4, Episode 22Elogium Season 2, Episode 4The Fight Season 5 Episode 19"

Are any of Star Trek: Voyager’s episodes from WhatCulture’s list good?

Really, this is a sad list, as most of these are fine episodes. They may not be your favorite story, but they’re mostly good. Save for three, The Fight, Spirit Folk, and Threshold are all episodes fans should avoid, for the most part.

The Fight fails because it’s a rather boring episode that doesn’t give Chakotay, the feature character, anything to really do. Robert Beltran is such a skilled actor and all of his episodes were designed to seemingly give him moments where he could be spiritual and deep and that often came off boring and lame.

Spirit Folk is about holograms falling in love with real people and considering Voyager explored that perfectly with The Doctor various times, this episode felt needless. Worse than that, it’s just boring. This is Trek once again being obsessed with doing a period piece for some reason.

Threshold is an episode where Tom Paris and Kathryn Janeway turn into lizards and bone. You really can’t do worse than that.

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